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Re: ISO 532 B / DIN 45 631 matlab codes


I am new to the group and apologise if this is not the email id I should send replies to..I couldnot find this thread in the lists and had to reply directly to the posting I got to my e-mail..
I wanted some code for loudness calculation and I would really appreciate if you  can give me the link for C++ code..
On 6/4/07, Hannes Löschke <hannes_loeschke@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
There's some basic code out there. with some konwledge of programming it's not too hard to transcribe. I've already converted the code to c++ and might post this if this would help.

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Dear List,

Could someone let me know where I can find the matlab
code for loudness calculation based on ISO532B/DIN45



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