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Re: Delay compensation in OPERA PEAQ Scores

Thank you Nicolas for your response.
The delay is in fact variable and comes from a mobile network. Right now, I am trying to evaluate the performance of a recording software using OPERA. I am going to use this as a reference for signal transmission through the network.
I have used PESQ algorithm for testing speech quality, but currently I want to test Stereo quality and this is where I think PEAQ comes into picture.
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On 6/6/07, COTE Nicolas RD-TECH-LAN <nicolas.cote@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Udaynag,
Do you know exactly the amout of the delay? It is a fix or variable delay?
I mean, does the signal you have come from an IP transmission?
In fact you should try the PESQ algorithm which usually provide quite good estimation of delay from IP transmission.
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Does anybody have any idea how automatic delay compensation in PEQA metric calculation in OPERA OPTICOM works..when I run the algorithm, I get very huge delay values, which is actually not the case..I also get a PEAQ score which doesnot seem to be reliable very much..
Any help would be appreciated