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free software "psylab" available for psychoacoustical experiments

Dear List Members,

I would like to announce the public availability of the free software

psylab is a collection of scripts, written in Matlab, for designing and
controlling interactive psychoacoustical listening experiments in a
uniform and quick manner.
Currently, n-AFC detection and discrimination experiments (n=2,3,4) with
adaptive control of the stimulus variable according to x-up-y-down
algorithms are readily supported, as well as 2-AFC matching experiments.

psylab has regularly been used for education and research at the
Institut für Hörtechnik und Audiologie (IHA), Fachhochschule OOW in
Oldenburg, Germany.  One aim of psylab has been to provide the students
in the psychoacoustic courses with a uniform and simple starting point
for designing one's own listening experiments.  So far, more than 120
students at IHA have used psylab for their assignments and theses and
their experience and comments have nicely contributed to new features
and bug fixes of psylab.

The psylab distribution includes a documentation and a number of example
experiments.  For more information and for downloading psylab, please
visit   http://www.hoertechnik-audiologie.de/psylab/
Feedback is welcome!

Kind regards,
Martin Hansen

Prof. Dr. Martin Hansen
University of Applied Sciences
Hearing Technology and Audiology
Ofener Str. 16
D-26121 Oldenburg
Tel.: (+49) 441 7708-3332, Fax -3333