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Center for Mind & Brain, University of California, Davis

Our neuroimaging laboratory seeks a research assistant or postdoc to develop advanced analysis techniques. We use fMRI and high-density EEG to study how the brain understands speech in noisy environments (see http://mindbrain.ucdavis.edu/labs/Miller/). Methods will include functional connectivity, multivariate time-frequency analyses, and the integration of fMRI with EEG. In addition to developing techniques, the RA/postdoc will train lab personnel in their use and assist in preparing journal articles, grants, and presentations.

* Computer experience, incl. some programming required – please do not submit an application if you have never written code
* Solid mathematical competence, incl. statistics and linear algebra
* Bachelor’s degree for RA level; PhD or MD for postdoc level
* Strong interpersonal and communication skills, both verbal and written
* MATLAB expertise and familiarity with Linux preferred
* Previous research experience preferred

Position offers benefits and competitive salary: postgraduate research assistant level starts at $32,628 annually; postdoc level uses NIH scales, starting at $36,996. Open immediately, with preferred start date 1 Aug 2007 or earlier. One year commitment preferred. Please send a curriculum vitae with the contact details of three references to Lee M. Miller: millerlab41@xxxxxxxxxx

Lee M. Miller
Assistant Professor
Section of Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior
    and Center for Mind & Brain
University of California, Davis