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Re: Help with alignment tool for speech database

Dear Xinhui

There is a tool ("analign") for aligning British English phonetic transcription with audio within the SFS toolkit:
But it is a little tricky to set up. The HowTo at
may help.

Inside it just uses code borrowed from the Hidden Markov Model Toolkit HTK (http://htk.eng.cam.ac.uk/). So you might instead choose this to build a version specific to your requirements.


Mark Huckvale

xinhui zhou wrote:
Hi, All,

I am interested in some automatic or semiautomatic alignment tool for
a speech database, X-ray Microbeam Production database (XRMB-SPD).

We have the speech signal and also the transcripts, and would like to
put phonetic labels aligned with the speech signal.   It will be good
if we can use automatic tool first and then correct the alignment

Thanks in advance,

Xinhui Zhou

-- Mark Huckvale, Director MSc Speech and Hearing Science Phonetics and Linguistics, University College London www.phon.ucl.ac.uk