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Research Audiologist Position at Cochlear Americas


  There is an audiologist position here at Cochlear Americas
in Denver in the research group (working with me, Chris van den Honert, Zach Smith,
Sean Lineaweaver, Wendy Parkinson, and others) that we are looking to fill.
Please do forward this to qualified potential candidates.  We'd really love to
locate a great CI audiologist to add to our research team.

  Here are the details:

TITLE:      Research Audiologist        DEPARTMENT:  Research

SUMMARY: The Research Audiologist is responsible for performing tasks
in support of research activities carried out within the Department of
Research.  These activities focus primarily on the scientific study of
perception by human cochlear implant recipients.  The Research
Audiologist also participates to varying extents in related
departmental activities such preparation of regulatory submissions,
support of other departmental functions, and customer
assistance. Specific tasks include (but are not limited to)
recruitment and counseling of prospective research subjects,
collection of data (e.g. speech reception scores or psychophysical
measures), data analysis, and written or oral presentation of results.
The Research Audiologist interacts closely with other Research
Department staff and clinical/academic collaborators to participate in
the specification of custom research software, design and execution of
study protocols, and preparation of scientific publications.

The Research Audiologist must possess excellent clinical skills and be
comfortable working with human subjects in a research environment.  He
or she must have experience working with cochlear implant recipients,
and have excellent verbal and written communications skills.


1.     Carry out experimental protocols with human subjects, including collection of experimental speech reception and psychophysical data
2.     Recruit and counsel prospective study participants
3.     Organize and schedule subject visits to Cochlear laboratory facilities
4.     Assist with preparation of regulatory submissions
5.     Assist in monitoring and achieving compliance with regulatory requirements
6.     Assist with analysis and written or oral reporting of experimental data
7.     Consult with clinical collaborators with regard to clinical management of study participants
8.     Assist in the design and specification or selection of experimental protocols and measurement tools
9.     Assist in preparation of reports, presentations, or publications of experimental results
10.     Provide relevant clinical and human interface expertise regarding experimental hardware and software
11.     Serve as advocate for experimental study participants
12.     Consult with other departmental functions as needed
13.     Other duties as required.


Masters Degree or equivalent in Audiology or Hearing Science.
Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology or equivalent.
Minimum of 2 years experience working with cochlear implant
recipients.  Working knowledge of Nucleus programming software and
Nucleus implant products.


Niki Wollan
Staffing Specialist
Cochlear Americas
400 Inverness Parkway, Ste. 400
Englewood, CO  80112
303.524.7171 direct


Warm Regards,

Christopher Long
Director of Auditory Perception Research
Cochlear Americas

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