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Re: Audiofire 8 sound card

Am I right in thinking that, if you use ASIO drivers, it's comparitively simple to treat cards as a single device?
In any event, we use Soundscape cards because (via ASIO) they can behave as one card.

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>>> Matthias Vormann <Matthias.Vormann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 09/07/2007 14:17 >>>
Dear Elena,

Elena Grassi schrieb am 06.07.2007 19:49Uhr:
> Hi,
> does any one have experience controlling an Audiofire 8 card or a similar
> high channel count by the same company (Echo) through Matlab or C?
> I'm trying to setup an adaptive experiment with 16 loudspeakers and would
> like to use 2 Audiofire8 cards to control the sound at different
> loudspeakers, ideally through Matlab.
> Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Are you trying to synchronize outpout accross soundcards!? That will
_only_ be possible if your soundcards (hardware!) are capable of doing so!

Anyway, you can have a try with soundmex2 (http://www.soundmex.de/ -->
which offers a free trial version) and check if it does what you want...


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