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Re: need roughness calculation results from different systems

Yes, it does... it used a diferent method in the previous versions, now I think it uses the model by pressnitzer.

I have developed a model of roughness of my own, and I have been reporting information about this in some papers. I am currently working on a camera ready paper for the international puredata convention (yes, my model was implemented in puredata) that will take place at MC GILL Canada (21st-26th Aug)! Who from the list might I meet there? I will definately talk about this!

Pressnitzer also has a model in puredata, please let me know about all the models you have encountered so far. According to Vassilakis, though, Pressnitzer's model has some failures.

Anyway, I do review most of the roughness models in my work, and so does Vassilakis on his thesis. He has a nice chapter on roughness model drawbacks, but I do have some remarks to add to his work, and I have actually been telling him about it...

Another paper that I am working on right now also discusses the modelling, but this one is in portuguese, anyway, I will translate it to english and post it on my website too...

Please, tell me more about your research, I will be glad to participate.


Matt Flax <flatmax@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Hannes,

>From memory, the psysound software has a roughness algorithm in it.
Check here :


On Tue, Jul 17, 2007 at 09:00:22AM +0000, Hannes Löschke wrote:
> Dear list,
> we're currently researching on algorithms for roughness calculation. There are various models out there with different problems and behaviour. As our ressources are limited we can't gain access to all possible systems, so I'm asking you to help me out.
> I need the roughness vs. time and specific roughness vs. time plots from as many different systems as possible. I have prepared a test file and will send it to everyone willing to help me out. The file is 10sek. long, sampled at 48kHz/16bit/mono.
> Thank you
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