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Re: Confidence ratings in identification

Dear Bruno,

I'm sure you can find the answers to your questions in

Macmillan, N.A., & Creelman, C. D. (2005). Detection Theory. A User's Guide. 2nd edition. Mawah: Erlbaum.

Could you give some more details about the stimuli you want to use, then it will be easier to point out studies related to your questions.

Just a few general notes:

I'd suggest considering the area under the ROC curve as a measure of sensitivity because it relies on fewer assumptions than d' (Macmillan & Creelman discuss this in detail). The area under the ROC curve is widely used in medical decision making (e.g., a radiologist looks at mammograms and classifies them as normal, benign, probably benign, suspicious, or malignant), so it might be interesting to consider this body of literature. Specifically, models have been formulated which take into account the data from several observers (for a recent review see Obuchovski, N. A. (2007). New methodological tools for multiple-reader ROC studies. Radiology, 243, 10-12). Alternatively, Macmillan and Creelman discuss the pooling of observations.

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