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voice morphing

I am a graduate student.
Recently, I am focusing on voice morphing, a technique to convert the voice personality, making one's voice sound like a desired target's voice.
I have done some research on mapping the parameters of spectrum, then synthizing the target speech with the modified spectrum.
However, until now, I haven't found a good way to deal with the excitation signal, which also plays a vital rule in the morphing process.
Do you have something to recommend to handle the excitation signal?
Additionally, I wonder whether there is a way to add the personal characteristics into the speech signal.
Thank you.
Yinqiu Gao
Yinqiu Gao
Master Candidate
Institute of Signal & Information Processing
Nanjing University of Posts & Telecommunications
Nanjing, Jiangsu, People's Republic of China, 210003
Tel: +86 13770787592