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Re: sensory consonance /dissonance' musical consonance / dissonance

I had to respond to this one claim:

On Aug 19, 2007, at 11:09 AM, Martin Braun wrote:

Kevin Austin wrote:

Webern and Schoenberg (et al) forever changed consonance / dissonance.

Their views were ideosyncratic, and their impact on music making has been close to zero.

As Martin says, there are facts that can be observed.  One observable fact is that both Webern and Schoenberg are still taught today (both their compositions and their theories and aesthetics) in music schools around the world, thus their impact on music making is decidedly not close to zero.  Another observable fact is how many composers state being influenced positively or negatively by the Second Viennese School or by serialism in general (the number of living composers who claim this is easily in the thousands).  So Martin's claim here is provably false.

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