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Research Audiologist jobs at Starkey, in CA and MN

Starkey Laboratories has openings for research audiologists in our research center in Berkeley, CA and in the research group at Starkey headquarters in Eden Prairie, MN. Starkey is the largest hearing aid company in the US.

Both of these positions will provide the opportunity to work on leading research in the areas of psychoacoustics, speech, cognition, signal processing, diagnostics, and outcome measures.

Details are below. A pdf of the job posting is also available here:

Please forward this pdf to those who might be interested in either position.

Applications should be sent to brent_edwards@xxxxxxxxxxx



Starkey Laboratories, the largest hearing aid company in the U.S., needs creative and energetic research audiologists to work with an innovative team of hearing researchers. These audiologists will work on a variety of short- and long-term research projects that will have an impact on future hearing aid technology and bring benefit to the hearing impaired. Projects include perceptual science experiments, prototype technology evaluations, and novel audiological procedure development. Work will be collaborative with other researchers at Starkey and collaborating universities, but will also include freedom for independent idea development.

The ideal candidate will have:
â an Au.D. or Ph.D. in Audiology;
â extensive experience conducting experiments with hearing impaired subjects;
â expertise in speech tests and psychoacoustics;
â skills in the use of audiological and psychoacoustic instrumentation;
â an understanding of hearing aid technology and fitting systems;
â knowledge of the audiology research literature;
â knowledge of current hearing aid technology;
â familiarity with audiometer and real ear probe microphone measurements;
â good written and verbal communication skills;
â excellent organizational skills.

â work with research group members to design, execute and analyze experimental studies;
â contribute to the development of new research ideas;
â assist with recruiting and qualifying potential research subjects;
â run experimental protocols on research subjects;
â manage experimental documentation and procedures, including writing experimental protocols and final reports;
â maintain up-to-date knowledge on hearing aid technology and advances in audiology;
â publish research in audiology related journals, and present results at conferences;
â collaborate with university researchers.

Compensation will be commensurate with the experience of the candidate and includes a 401K plan and health care benefits. Continuing education is supported.

Interested candidates should e-mail a cover letter and resume to:
Brent Edwards, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Starkey Hearing Research Center