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Re: How much is needed for sound identification ?

Ballas (1993) measured identification of environmental sounds that were truncated to 700 ms.  He found they were quite well identified, but he did not measure the time course - rather he measured reaction time, which varied quite a bit.

Ballas, J. A. "Common Factors in the Identification of an Assortment of Brief Everyday Sounds." J. Exp. Psych.: Hum. Percep. & Perf. 19 (1993): 250--26

In my environmental studies I have tried to edit sounds so that they were the briefest possible duration and still easily identifiable in pilot studies.  I found quite a range of times needed - some complex events, like a bowling ball rolling down a lane, or a tree falling, have quite extended times courses (> 3 s) needed to provide all the information necessary.

There was a study involving time course of identification of environmental scenes that was presented at a conference.  I am away from the office until next week, but I can provide the link then.

Brian Gygi

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>Dear List members,
>We are currently running several experiments on environmental sounds
>identification vs image identification.
>The literature in hearing seems to be quite poor whereas a lot of work
>have been done in the visual domain.
>Does anybody have know studies that tried to measure how long of a sound
>is needed to get the identification of the sound ("it's a bird") or get
>it's super-ordonate category ("it's an animal") ?
>Thanks in advance for any references.
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