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Journal announcement: Orbis Musicae 14 - Musical Performance and Musical Research

Dear all,

ORBIS MUSICAE 14, published by the Musicology division of the Buchman-Mehta
School of Music, Tel Aviv University, is online at


This issue of ORBIS MUSICAE, edited by David Halperin, is devoted to analyses
of musical performance, and includes articles by Uri Golomb, Eitan Ornoy,
Eliezer Rapoport, Renee Timmers, and Zohar Eitan. Four of the studies in the
issue investigate recorded music,using current analytical and technological
tools to shed light on the micro-structure of musical performance and its
relationships with musical expression,while the fifth draws upon recent
findings in music cognition to sketch a plan for future research in the field.

The collection is dedicated to our friend and colleague Prof. Judith Cohen, who
has retired from Tel Aviv University last year.

Zohar Eitan
Tel Aviv University

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