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Automotive Research Areas

Dear List,

I am a 2nd year PhD candidate at the National University of Ireland, Galway.

My research to date has focused on speech and audio quality assessment but
I am currently looking at related applications for the automotive area. I
am looking for information regarding this area i.e. aurization for cars,
quality assessment of sound/speech/audio in cars, noise
reduction/cancellation in cars etc. Basically I would be interested in
hearing from anyone who is currently involved in this area or knows any
groups currently active in this area generally.

One thing I would like to know is in relation to the availability of data
eg automotive subjective data, impulse response data for vehicles etc.

My research is not linked with any company or organisation and is funded
by the Irish government. I would appreciate any help/advice etc that
members of the list could give me.

Many thanks for your time.

Kind Regards,

Dermot Martin Campbell,
Postgraduate Research Student,
Dept. of Electronic Eng.,
National University of Ireland,
Galway City.
Tel:(091) 493031
Fax: -
Email: Dermot.Campbell@xxxxxxxxxxxx