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Web-based study on congruency of sounds and scenes - try it!


Dear Fellow Auditory List members:

As part of my research into the influence of auditory context (i.e. natural background scenes, such as streets or restaurants) on the perception of individual environmental sounds, I would like to get some assessment of which sounds are congruent with which scenes, that is, which sounds are likely to occur in a particular context.  So I have set up a simple Web-based study in which you hear a sound and then a scene and you rate the likelihood of that sound occurring in that scene on a scale from 1-7.  It is simple, fun (I think, but then I'm easily amused) and should take about 25 minutes.  If you need to, you can stop and pick it up again at a later point.  

These data will be very useful to me, I and hope you will take part in this study.  And feel free to tell your friends.  There are no limitations as far as age, gender, native language or hearing impairment.  You choose a user name that will be used during testing, so there will be total anonymity.  To take part, go to 


And follow the on-screen instructions.  If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to contact me at bgygi@xxxxxxxxx

I thank in advance all who will take part in this.


Brian Gygi, Ph.D.

Veterans Affairs Northern California Health Care System

Martinez, CA