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Postdoctoral research position in Music & Memory (neurosciences)

A full-time postdoctoral research scientist position is available in France at the University of
Lille (in collaboration with La Salpêtrière Hospital, Paris) for 12 months in neuropsychology
and brain imaging of music (epileptic patients, fMRI).

The postdoctoral scientist will be involved in a research project on Music and Memory funded
by the French National Agency of Research. The goal of this project is to contribute to our
understanding of non-verbal auditory memory by studying musical memory in comparison to
language. It covers different aspects of memory, from working-memory to long-term memory
using implicit and explicit investigation methods. The cognitive approach of experimental
psychology is combined with other investigative methods such as brain imagery and

The ideal candidate will have a PhD in experimental psychology with skills in experimental
design and neuroimaging methods (fMRI). Applicants with interests in music, speech and
memory are encouraged to apply.

Provisional project start date: 1 January 2008 (or earlier)

Applicants should send a CV and a letter describing their research interests and how their
skills could best be employed within the context of the proposed project plus two letters of
reference to Séverine Samson (severine.samson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Applications close on 30 October 2007

Contact : severine.samson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

"Neuropsychology & Auditory Cognition Team"