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REMINDER: 2nd Int. Workshop on Learning the Semantics of Audio Signals (LSAS), Genova, December 5th, 2007

[Apologies if you receive multiple copies]

This is a friendly reminder that the paper submission deadline for the
2nd Workshop on Learning the Semantics of Audio Signals (LSAS) is only a
week away: *** OCTOBER 10th *** (next Wednesday).

Authors can now submit their papers at:

2nd Workshop on Learning the Semantics of Audio Signals (LSAS) 2007
part of 2nd intl. conference on Semantics And digital Media Technology
December 5th, 2007
Genova, Italy


The second international conference on Semantics And digital Media
Technology (SAMT) will be held from December 5th-7th in Genova, Italy
and targets to narrow the large disparity between the lowlevel
descriptors that can be computed automatically from multimedia content
and the richness and subjectivity of semantics in user queries and human
interpretations of audiovisual media - The Semantic Gap.

In the context of this conference the Workshop on Learning the Semantics
of Audio Signals (LSAS) focuses especially on researchers that are
working on semantics, description, representation and understanding of
music with the goal to intensify the exchange of ideas between the
different research communities involved, to provide an overview of
current activities in this area and to point out connections between them.
Therefore, the topics of interest include, but are not limited to the
following aspects with respect to music information retrieval systems:

- Audio signal processing and feature extraction
- Content-based audio retrieval
- Music perception, cognition, affect and emotions
- Music structure analysis
- Semantic audio description and analysis
- Ontologies for music and sound description
- Standards for audio content description
- Machine learning methods for feature extraction and mapping
- Personalization of music retrieval systems

While our main focus is on music data, we are also interested on work
related to other audio data such as speech.

Important dates:

- Deadline for paper submission: October 10th 2007
- Notification of acceptance: November 9th 2007
- Camera-ready paper submission: November 21st 2007
- Camera-ready workshop notes: November 28th 2007

For the full Call For Papers and further information on the workshop,
please visit http://irgroup.cs.uni-magdeburg.de/lsas2007
Information on the SAMT 2007 conference can be found at