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low-latency audio I/O for Windows

Dear Auditory List Members:

I'm looking for a low-latency audio interface device for use with
Windows computers.  The goal is to perform real-time signal processing
on the PC for the purpose of developing and testing hearing aid DSP
algorithms.  Consequently I need to keep the hardware-related signal
delay to a minimum.

Unfortunately, manufacturers generally don't include latency in their
specifications, and tech support and sales people don't seem to have
latency information either.  So I'm hoping that people on this list can
point me at some acceptable devices.

My target is a total input-to-PC-to-output delay <= 3 ms at 48 kHz.  I'd
prefer an external device (USB or FireWire).  Other desirable features
include a mic input, a headphone output, analog I/O level controls, and
support for a wide range of sampling rates (16, 24, and 32 kHz would be
nice).  But the critical feature is the low latency; I can work around
other limitations.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

Dan Freed
Senior Engineer
Dept. of Human Communication Sciences & Devices
House Ear Institute
2100 W. Third St.
Los Angeles, CA  90057  USA
Phone: +1-213-353-7084
Fax: +1-213-413-0950
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