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Re: Cochlea Amplifier models : a new list

At 2:54 PM +0200 10/10/07, Martin Braun wrote:
2) At high sound levels:
Here BM tuning is shifted by about half an octave towards the base of the cochlea, whereas neural tuning remains unchanged.

I haven't been able to find the evidence for the assertion that neural tuning remains unchanged in some way that differs from the sense in which BM tuning remains unchanged; in the BM case, the location of the maximum moves toward the base; it might be hard to assess the location of the peak of the neural response, since the respond rate is pretty compressed near the location of maximum, but is there data on that? My impression was that it does not differ in any significant way from BM tuning; assessing the tuning by phase response is much easier (e.g., spacing of waveform peaks and PSTH peaks in response to a click, or waveform autocorr peaks and revcor peaks in response to a noise). These do change just a bit with level, in close agreement with TW models that include appropriate nonlinearities, e.g. as shown in Kiang's original click data of 1965 and everything subsequently.

Where should I look to study the data on this idea that underlies your modeling approach?