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Looking for contacts for case study information of ANSI 12.60 classrooms

I recently sent this info request to the classroom acoustics email list, but just realized that some of the readers of this list might be able to help me as well.

A student and I here at IIT are working with Susan Blaeser and  Paul Schomer of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) to develop some case studies related to ANSI 12.60 Classroom design.  To begin this project the we need to contact as many consultants, architects, and educators as we can that have built or worked in ANS12.60 classrooms as possible to begin collecting information.

If any of you have either been involved with the design of an ANSI 12.60 classroom, as a consultant, educator, audiologist, or advocate,  or know of contact information for someone else who has, can you please send that information to me so we can begin the task of trying to get some useful data on 12.60 compliant classrooms?

When we have a list of contacts, we'll be sending out requests for information to them to try to build a set of case studies.  Hopefully we can get in depth information on many designs but we'll take any information we can get.

Among the information we hope to get (and note we do not expect to be able to get all this information on all, or probably any design) are:

Measured results, if any
Reactions of architect and his/her incremental cost estimate to meet S12.60
Reactions of mechanical engineer and his/her cost estimate to meet S12.60
Reactions of teachers, principal, students, school audiologist, etc

Please send any contact information to me, Ralph Muehleisen
muehleisen@xxxxxxx, Tel: 312-567-3545, Fax: 312-567-3519

Thank you  much in advance,


Ralph T. Muehleisen
Assistant Professor, Civil and Architectural Engineering
Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL 60616
tel: 312-567-3545    fax: 312-567-3519
email: muehleisen@xxxxxxx    url:http://acoustics.iit.edu/muehleisen