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Re: AW: Cochlea Amplifier models : a new list

  I think it is obviously clear that Eckard's correspondences are processed through some sort of software language translator.  I suspect that Eckard's whacky comments are likely errors in translation (at least I hope so).  I don't know how else to explain his last two gems.

Dan Tollin

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At 9:13 PM +0200 10/22/07, Toth Laszlo wrote:
>On Mon, 22 Oct 2007, Eckard Blumschein wrote:
>>  I know for sure that von Neumann's nobility was simply a bought title.
>>  I suspect his compatriot von Békésy a nobleman of the same sort.
>Am I the only one who thinks that such comments are not proper in a
>scientific discussion list?

I felt that that comment fit rather well among 
other Eckard Blumschein comments.