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Re: new Cochlear amplifier discussion group

Dear group,

I think the discussion on cochlear mechanisms has reached the level of
activity that it well justifies an offshoot group. I think Matt is to
be thanked for offering to run this group, and I would encourage those
who are interested to join it.  This is not to say that occasional
discussions of this topic would not be welcomed on AUDITORY, but the
intense interchanges on cochlear mechanisms that have been so frequent
clearly deserve their own forum.  My best wishes to the new group.

-- Al
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On Nov 9, 2007 8:09 AM, Matt Flax <flatmax@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have created a new Cochlear amplifier discussion group.
> It is a private group which isn't open to the public.
> You can join the group here :
> http://groups.google.com.au/group/cochlearamplifier
> Looking forward to more discussion on this topic ...
> thanks
> Matt
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