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EMUS - satellite event of Speech Prosody, Campinas 2008 - call for abstract - Prosody and expressivity in speech and music

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Prosody and expressivity in speech and music

Satellite Event around Speech Prosody 2008 / First EMUS Conference - Expressivity in MUsic and Speech
http://www.sp2008.org/events.php / http://recherche.ircam.fr/equipes/analyse-synthese/EMUS

Campinas, Brazil, May 5th, 2008
[Abstract submission deadline: January 30th, 2008]
Keywords: emotion, expressivity, prosody, music, acquisition, perception, production,
interpretation, cognitive sciences, neurosciences, acoustic analysis.

Speech and music conceal a treasure of “expressive potential” for they can activate sequences of varied
emotional experiences in the listener. Beyond their semiotic differences, speech and music share acoustic
features such as duration, intensity, and pitch, and have their own internal organization, with their own
rhythms, colors, timbres and tones.
The aim of this workshop is to question the connections between various forms of expressivity, and the
prosodic and gestural dimensions in the spheres of music and speech. We will first tackle the links
between speech and music through enaction and embodied cognition. We will then work on computer
modelling for speech and music synthesis. The third part will focus on musicological and aesthetic
perspectives. We will end the workshop with a round table in order to create a dialogue between the
various angles used to apprehend prosody and expressivity in both speech and music.

This workshop will be the starting point of a string of events on the relations between language and music:
May 16th: Prosody, Babbling and Music (Ecole Normale Supérieure Lettres et Sciences Humaines, Lyon)
June 17-18th: Prosody of Expressivity in Music and Speech (IRCAM, Paris)
September 25th and 26th: Semiotics and microgenesis of verbal and musical forms (RISC, Paris).
Our aim is to make links between several fields of research and create a community interested in the
relations between music and language. The project will be materialized in a final publication of the
keynote papers of those four events.

The workshop will host about ten posters.
Authors should submit an extended abstract to: beller@xxxxxxxx in pdf format by January 30, 2008.
We will send an email confirming the reception of the submission. The suggested abstract length is
maximum 1 page, formatted in standard style.
The authors of the accepted abstracts will be allocated as poster highlights. Time will be allocated
in the programme for poster presentations and discussions.
Before the workshop, the extended abstracts (maximum 4 pages) will be made available to a broader
audience on the workshop web site. We also plan to maintain the web page after the workshop and
encourage the authors to submit slides and posters with relevant links to their personal web pages.

Dec 10: Workshop announcement and Call for Abstracts
Jan 30: Abstract submission deadline
Mar 28: Notification of acceptance
Apr 25: Final extended abstracts due
May 5: Workshop

Christophe d’Alessandro (LIMSI, Orsay);
Antoine Auchlin (University of Geneva, Linguistics Department);
Grégory Beller (IRCAM);
Nick Campbell (ATR, Nara);
Anne Lacheret (MODYCO,
Nanterre University) ;
Sandra Madureira (PUC-SP);
Aliyah Morgenstern (ICAR, Ecole Normale Supérieure Lettres et Sciences Humaines) ;
Nicolas Obin (IRCAM)

- University of Geneva, Linguistics Department (Antoine Auchlin)
- IRCAM (Grégory Beller and Nicolas Obin)
- MODYCO, Nanterre University (Anne Lacheret)
- ICAR, Ecole Normale Supérieure Lettres et Sciences Humaines (Aliyah Morgenstern)

For questions/ suggestions about the workshop, please contact beller@xxxxxxxx
Please refer to http://recherche.ircam.fr/equipes/analyse-synthese/EMUS for
up-to-date information about the workshop.



Greg Beller