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Subjective evaluation of sounds for pleasantness

Chuck Watson and I did a study of "sound quality" a few years ago that included "pleasantness" and 19 other subjective evaluations of 145 environmental sounds.  We used a semantic differential technique and examined the relations between acoustic variables and rating judgments for different sound categories.  We found that the acoustic correlates of pleasantness depended on the identity of the source.  This is reminiscent of some earlier work showing that the annoyance level of a noise depends on attitudes towards the source of the noise.


Here's the reference:

Kidd, G. R., & Watson, C. S. (2003).  The perceptual dimensionality of environmental sounds.  Noise Control Engineering Journal, 51, 216-231.


 - Gary


Gary R. Kidd

Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences

Indiana University

Bloomington, IN  47405