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Re: Subjective evaluation of sounds for pleasantness

Dear Amit
The concept of pleasantness has been used in several studies dealing with the sound qualities of various products. It is introduced in [1] and, for instance, applied in [2, 3, 4]. If you're interested in sound quality, we have reviewed the different approaches to sound quality found in the literature (among which "pleasantness", and the work by Maffiolo et al. cited in Virgnie's reply) in [5].

[1] Eberhard Zwicker and Hugo Fastl, Psychoacoustics Facts and Models, Springer Verlag, 1990

[2] Ch. Patsouras, H. Fastl, D. Patsouras and K. Pfaffelhuber, Psychoacoustic sensation magnitudes and sound quality ratings of upper middle class car's idling noise, in Proceedings of the International Conference on Acoustics, Rome, ICA 2001,

[3] Ch. Patsouras, H. Fastl, D. Patsouras and K. Pfaffelhuber, How far is the quality of a diesel powered car away from that of a gasoline powered one?, in Proceedings of the Forum Acusticum Sevilla 2002

[4] Ch. Patsouras, H. Fastl, D. Patsouras and K. Pfaffelhuber, Calculating Sound Quality of the Outdoor Idling Noise of Diesel Powered Cars, in Proceedings of Euronoise, Naples 2003

[5] Guillaume Lemaitre, Patrick Susini, Suzanne Winsberg, Boris Letinturier and Stephen McAdams, The sound quality of car horns: a psychoacoustical study of timbre, Acta Acustica united with Acustica, volume  93(3), pp. 457-468, 2007

Best regards
Guillaume Lemaitre

amit rajora a écrit :
Dear List,

Could somebody kindly point me to any studies on
subjective evaluation of sounds(any type) for


Amit Rajora

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