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2nd CALL FOR PAPERS / June 24-27, 2008
1st CALL FOR WORKSHOPS / June 23, 2008

The 14th International Conference on Auditory Display (ICAD)
IRCAM, Paris, France
June 24-27, 2008

Paper and poster submission received by:
1st of February 2008

Demo proposal received by:
10th of March 2008

Workshop proposal received by:
11th of April 2008


ICAD 2008 will take place from the 24th to 27th, between the Agora IRCAM's festival (June 5-20) and Acoustics 08 (June 29 – July 4)

IRCAM, Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique, is pleased to host the 14th annual International Conference on Auditory Display (ICAD). This conference will address concepts, methods and tools of sound production involved in the process of “designing sounds” in an interactive context. Beside topics traditionally addressed by ICAD (auditory warning, 3D audio display, etc. ) we would like to take the opportunity of ICAD being held at IRCAM to highlight the relation between research in auditory perception, computer music and sound design in order to contribute to a global framework of computer aided sound design.

A number of special sessions have been planned:

    * Sounds of objects and events: Perception, Production, and Use in auditory displays
    * Sound Design tools & technologies
    * Auditory Warnings: toward a new design and a better understanding
    * Aesthetics of sound objects
    * Interacting with sound in VR or AR – Interaction paradigms – Cognitive aspects
    * 3D Audio Display – Technologies and expected ergonomic benefits
    * Audio Only Gaming
    * Browsing with sound

Other topics for ICAD include but are not limited to:

    * Accessibility
    * Applications
    * Design theory and methods
    * Evaluation and usability
    * Human Factors
    * Sonification Techniques
    * Psychology, Cognition, Perception


Workshops will be held on June 23th, 2008 (the day immediately before the main conference). Workshop organizers submit a workshop proposal to ICAD'08 (icad08@xxxxxxxx). The proposals are reviewed using ICAD processes and procedures and are either accepted or rejected. If a workshop is accepted, the workshop is publicized in ICAD proceedings. Proposals should be up to 4 pages including title, description, and brief biographies of the presenters. 

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