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Doctoral Consortium at ICAD 2008, IRCAM, Paris

Graduate Student ThinkTank (Doctoral Consortium) at ICAD2008
                 Call for Participation

Deadline: March 01, 2008

The ICAD International Board, and the organizing committee of ICAD2008 in Paris,
France, are pleased to announce the Graduate Student ThinkTank at ICAD2008, and
we welcome applications from graduate students.

The ThinkTank at ICAD2008 is a gathering of promising graduate students (at a
range of stages in their program, both masters and doctoral level) and
distinguished research faculty. The ThinkTank will be held at IRCAM in Paris on
Monday June 23, the day before the full International Conference on Auditory
Display (ICAD2008).

The ThinkTank will be chaired by Paul Vickers (Northumbria University, UK). The
organizing committee also includes Brian Katz from LIMSI, Clara Suied from
IRCAM, and Bruce Walker from Georgia Tech.

The deadline for ThinkTank applications is Saturday, March 01, 2008. Application
packages should be submitted via the ICAD2008 website. Final selection and
notification of attendees will be completed by April 01, 2008. Please see the
web page for the details of the application process, plus plans for the
ThinkTank itself. Support for the ThinkTank, **including travel subsidies for
US-based students** has been provided by a grant from the US National Science

Web site:


(Please forward as appropriate, and please pardon multiple notifications.)

--Bruce Walker
Georgia Tech