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Clarifications of some terms.

Dear List,

With all the heavier topics under discussion in this forum, my request for information could be a bit trivial, but am hoping for your indulgence.

I have read about "consonance" and dissonance" and have assumed a kind of understanding of these, but then I have also read about "ringing" and "harshness", and have been wondering whether there is a relationship between these terms and how one would describe this difference.

My own assumption has been that the auditory system performs its frequency analysis in its own unique way, and a clearer understanding of these terms may show that it is not based on our present analytical models. If one is trying to develop a different model, than the test stimuli used for auditory psychological experiments could also be drastically different than those usually described. Therefore, a better understanding of the above terms would be helpful.

Thanks in anticipation, cheers,
Randy Randhawa