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Re: sound booth

To those of you in the US who might be wishing that you could get a good deal
on a sound booth, I have a double-walled IAC room that I think is about 6' x
7' inside that has been in storage for several years.  We would GIVE it to
anyone who wanted to come to Omaha, Nebraska to pick it up.  It is not new,
but I believe it is in good condition.  If you are interested, please let me


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Subject: UK sound booth; Matlab routines for TDT

Dear List,

The first part of this message is really just for UK people. Thanks to new 
staff and a pressing need for space here at Leeds Psychology, I have a nice 
biggish, newish IAC booth looking for a new home. Please email me 
(d.mckeown@xxxxxxxxxxx) if interested.

Part 2: would anyone kindly supply me with Matlab routines for (for 
example, for timbre matching experiments), to control TDT Sys3(xcontrols)?

Thanks, Denis