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PhD position on speech and emotion

Dear List,

We are looking for technical and administrative support of our newly founded Research Center "Speech and Emotion",
	(website under construction, German)
at Kiel university, Germany. Kiel is a seaport at the Baltic Sea, with a strong sailing tradition.

We offer a limited position (six months only, 17 h / week, 13 Euro / h) with fair chances for prolongation. Salary is bad but may improve. Ask me for details.

The ideal candidate would have just finished his/her master or diploma studies in psychology, cognitive neuroscience, phonetics, or some related subject, and would be interested to pursue a PhD project compatible with the focus of the Research Center. The following excerpt is from our own project within the Research Center, to be found at
Other possible topics may be oriented towards other groups active in the Research Center (see http://www.psychologie.uni-kiel.de/sue/ "Projekte", information will be up to date on Wednesday). But now for our group:

"Speech is suitable for conveying emotion like little else. Both speaker and listener are involved: The emotional state of the speaker affects the speech, and the speech affects the emotional state of the listener. The underlying mechanisms are for a good part universal: One can often easily decipher the emotional content of a message even if one does not understand the language of the message.

"We study the effects of emotional state on speech, as well as the effects of emotional speech on listeners. This is achieved by recording skin conductance, goose bumps, blood pressure, and other peripheral measures of emotional state as well as vocal parameters. The outcome of these analyses is not only useful for basic research in emotion psychology, but also for clinical research and forensic studies, in the areas of developmental and pedagogical psychology, as well as in industrial and organizational psychology."

Good knowledge of HTML and of office software are required. Programming skills (e.g. Matlab) are helpful. Command of German language should be present, or the candidate should be willing to acquire it soon.

Applications will be accepted until position is filled. However, we need to provide a name really soon now. Please mail to Christian Kaernbach,
	chris2007 at kaernbach dot de


Prof. Dr. Christian Kaernbach
Allgemeine Psychologie
Institut für Psychologie
Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
Olshausenstr. 62
D-24098 Kiel