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AW: [AUDITORY] Looking for the following articles and standard

1. and 2. are outdated Versions of the BASIC code published in DIN 45 631 / ISO 532B. A google search on those standards will bring up links to the code. The standards are merely verbal descritions of the model and the code hardcopy. if you can read the code there is no need for the standards.
3. is only a short abstract of the conference presentation giving no real information, if I recall correctly.


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Betreff: [AUDITORY] Looking for the following articles and standard

Dear all,

I am looking for the following articles and standard:

1. Paulus and E. Zwicker, ?Programme zur automatischen bestimmung
der lautheit austerzpegeln oder frequenzgruppenpegeln Computer programs
for calculating loudness from third octave band levels or from critical
band levels,? Acustica 27, 253?266 1972.

2. Zwicker, H. Fastl, and C. Dallmayr, ?BASIC-Program for calculating
the loudness of sounds from their 1/3-oct band spectra according to ISO
532 B,? Acustica 55, 63?67 1984.

3. Zwicker and H. Fastl, ?A portable loudness-meter based on ISO 532B,?
Proceedings 11th International Congress on Acoustics, 1983, pp. 135?137.

4. ISO R 532

I will appreciate very much if you have it, to send a copy to me.

For your kind assistance

Thank you

with best regards
Stanley LIM

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