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Call for papers: Special Session on Auditory inspired spectro-temporal features at INTERSPEECH 2008

Dear list,

I'm organizing a special session at INTERSPEECH 2008 with a focus on auditory inspired speech features, looking at them from a neurophysiological and a technical perspective.

In this special session, we try to increase the visibility of speech processing approaches inspired by the auditory system at INTERSPEECH and provide a forum for people working on the modelling of the representations of speech in the auditory cortex and those who develop speech processing algorithms based on such models. Contributions to this special session are best suited if they take into account the dynamic behaviour of speech via a joint spectro-temporal representation.

You will find more information here: http://www.interspeech2008.org/spectroTemporalFeatures.html

If you wish to submit, bear in mind that the deadline and paper submission guidelines for full paper submission (4 pages) are identical to the deadline and paper submission guidelines for Interspeech 2008. The deadline is 7th April 2008. Paper submission is done exclusively via the Interspeech 2008 conference website. During submission you'll have to tick the corresponding box on the conference website.

If you have further questions just write me an email.

Cheers Martin

Dr.-Ing. Martin Heckmann
Honda Research Institute Europe
63073 Offenbach/MainGermany
Phone.  : +49-69-89011-755
Fax   : +49-69-89011-749
e-mail: Martin.Heckmann@xxxxxxxxxxx