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Re: Origin of the Mel frequency scale equation?

It might be:

Stevens, S., and J. Volkmann (1940). The relation of pitch to frequency: A revised scale. Am. J. Psychol. 53:329-353.


Christine Rankovic, PhD

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Subject: Origin of the Mel frequency scale equation?

Dear members of the list,

I am looking for the reference of first use of the equation

m = C log(1+f/700)

known as mel frequency scale transformation. In Wikipedia says that the
scale was originated by Stevens, Volkman and Newman in 1937 (J. Acoust.
Soc. Am 8(3) 185--190), but the paper only has tabulated data and no
equation. The paper by S.B. Davis & P. Mermelstein (1980), "Comparison of
parametric representations for monosyllabic word recognition in
continuously spoken sentences", IEEE Trans. on ASSP 28, 357-366 is usually
cited in the speech recognition community as origin of MFCCs, but the
equation is absent there as well.




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