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Re: experimental breaks from listening

It depends on the task and the subject. I think it's appropriate to provide the opportunity for a short break about every 10 minutes, but some subjects won't need it. Our subjects will generally go 20-30 minutes and sometimes more without leaving the seat; however, they could theoretically stop for a break after any trial. They can take pauses any time since the tasks are self-paced. I generally make them take a break if they linger on more than 30 minutes; but otherwise allow them the freedom to decide. Fatigued subjects are not a good thing. It's a variable we try to avoid.

On Tue, 11 Mar 2008, Bryony Buck wrote:

Dear list users,

Does anyone know quite how long a participant should perform trials before
they are given a break?
I am using musical excerpts approximately 10seconds in length and was
intending to give a break after every 60th trial (10minutes)

However, I am concerned that this may be too much musical information to
recieve and process in experimental conditions.
Is there a standard time lapse for when a break should be given?

Thanks in advance

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