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Re: CASA on your Mobile (Audience, Inc.)


On 12 Feb 2008, there was a posting on the auditory.org discussion group about the launch of Audience, Inc.:

CASA on your Mobile:  Audience puts computational auditory scene analysis on a chip and markets it to handset manufacturers at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.



I would like to follow up on that posting, and introduce Audience to the auditory.org community.  Audience’s underlying technology is based on many years of study in the fields of auditory neuroscience and in psychoacoustics, with Dr. Bregman’s Auditory Scene Analysis as an important guide in our modeling of high-level grouping and sound separation processes.


For the more technical audience of the auditory.org group, I am giving links to a published 2002 paper and a video of a 2007 talk, that will give some additional information about the approach we have taken and progress we have made in the underlying science.


http://www.lloydwatts.com/wcci.pdf - a paper from 2002, outlining the vision of reverse-engineering the auditory pathway

http://www.citris-uc.org/CognitiveComputing07 - a video presentation from 2007, giving real-time, high-resolution demonstrations of signals computed in the cochlea, cochlear nucleus, superior olivary complex, inferior colliculus and cortex, including spatial representations (ITD and ILD) and polyphonic pitch detection.


With successful deployments of our first product, we are now planning our next products and growing our Algorithm Development team.  Audience has exciting opportunities for Algorithm Developers, and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss these opportunities with engineers and scientists working in the field of Computational Auditory Scene Analysis and related disciplines.


Audience offers competitive salaries, benefits, and stock options in a pre-IPO company.  We are located in Mountain View, CA, in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area of California, in the heart of Silicon Valley


Please feel free to contact me for detailed job descriptions and more information about the opportunities.


ABOUT AUDIENCE:   Audience is a voice processor company that enables clear communications anywhere with our advanced noise suppression technology based on the intelligence of the human hearing system.  The Audience Voice Processor is a purpose-built DSP with highly optimized hardware and software and is applicable across a broad range of consumer products where voice needs to be intelligible in noisy environments. The company launched our first commercial product, the Audience A1010 Voice Processor, into the mobile handset market in 2008, winning many industry accolades.  Please visit www.audience.com for more information.


Thank you,



Lloyd Watts

Chairman and Chief Technology Officer

Audience, Inc.

1330 Villa Street

Mountain View, CA 94041