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Re: music listening styles

Title: Re: music listening styles
As a person with a first life lived as a classical pianist, I second Harriet’s note. I would only add that my brain does not just try to analyze auditory input classified as music: it is totally impossible for me to have music as background to activities or conversations. For background acoustics, I need (and, if I may, recommend) silence.


On 4/1/08 10:56 AM, "Dr. Harriet Jacobster" <hjacobster@xxxxxxx> wrote:

For me personally, being a classically trained musician, it's very hard to just listen "emotionally."  My brain is constantly trying to analyze what I hear.  This is even more so in an unfamiliar piece of music.

Also, are you looking at live vs recorded performances?


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Christian Kaernbach wrote:
We are looking for research on the effect of "listening styles" (listening modes, listening strategies...) on the effect of music on the listener. How does the "impact" of music change if one listens to it "emotionally" versus if one listens to it "analytically", or anything of that kind. Any hint (even far fetched) welcome...