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McGill postdoctoral position

McGill University

Postdoctoral Position in Neuropsychology of Performance

We are currently recruiting a postdoctoral researcher to join our research
team at McGill University. The successful applicant will join our team in
studying brain processes that support the production of music, speech, and
other auditory events. Our research uses a variety of computational,
behavioral and neuroimaging techniques for building models of sensorimotor
integration, including motion capture, ERP, and formal / analytical
techniques. For more information about our laboratory, please see
http://www.mcgill.ca/spl/.The Sequence Production Lab is part of the
Center for Research on Language, Mind and Brain (www.crlmb.ca) and the
Brain, Music and Sound Research Labs (www.brams.org), and has full access
to research-dedicated systems including eyetracking systems, motion
tracking systems, and TMS.

The ideal candidate should have obtained Ph.D. training in music
neuroscience or computational modeling of cognitive processes, with skills
in experimental design and computational methods. Applicants with
interests in music, speech, motor control, and memory are encouraged to
apply. The postdoctoral position may be continued up to two years (subject
to review after the first year). Applications will be considered as they
are received, and will continue until the position is filled. The start
date is flexible and can be as soon as June 1, 2008. Salary begins at
$44,000 per annum. To apply, please submit by email a vita, description of
research experience and interests, and contact information of three people
who can provide academic references to:

Professor Caroline Palmer
Sequence Production Laboratory
Department of Psychology
McGill University
Montreal QC H3A 1B1
tel 514-398-6128
fax 514-398-4896