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II International Meeting on Advances in Audiology (Salamanca, Spain)

Dear list member,

We are pleased to announce the 2nd International Meeting on Advances in
Audiology (22-24 May 2008, Salamanca, Spain). This is not a regular
scientific workshop and attendants will not be expected to present their
own work. Instead, the meeting aims to provide a forum for debate on new
challanges for Audiology (as a discipline) and on state-of-the-art (or
future) solutions for hearing disorders.

The full programme (in Spanish and English) and the list of invited
speakers can be found at:


This second edition has been structured in four round tables on the
following topics.

1.- Advances in Auditory Neurobiology. Clinical Implications.
2.- The Design of Auditory Prostheses. Contributions from Neurobiological
3.- Audiological and Liguistic Habilitation of the Deaf Child.
4.- Presbycusis: Clinical, Prosthetic, and Rehabilitation Perspectives.

Registration is open to anyone with an interest in Audiology,
particularly Audiologists, Otologists, Hearing Aid Technicians, Speech
therapists, Logopedics, Phoniatrists, Technologists, Scientists,
Engineers, etc.

Simultaneous translation English/Spanish and Spanish/English will be
available throughout the talks.

Registration will be open until May 15th 2007.

The meeting is sponsored by Oticon, MED-EL, and GAES.

We look forward to meeting you in Salamanca.


Enrique A. Lopez-Poveda and José Manuel Gorospe
Meeting directors

Enrique A. Lopez-Poveda, Ph.D.
Instituto de Neurociencias de Castilla y León
Universidad de Salamanca
Av. Alfonso X El Sabio S/N, 37007 Salamanca, Spain.
Phone: (+34) 923 294 500 ext. 1957
Fax: (+34) 923 294 750
E-mail: ealopezpoveda@xxxxxxx http://web.usal.es/~ealopezpoveda/