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Studentships for IHCON

Dear List Members,

An International Conference on Hearing Aids will be held at Lake Tahoe, California, from 13th to 17th August, 2008. For details check out the following web site:


Three studentships have been funded by Deafness Research UK to support UK students in attending the conference. The studentships will pay travel (cheapest possible airfare), accommodation and subsistence expenses for Ph.D. students and those who have recently completed Ph.Ds. Details of the application procedure can be found at the web site. It is a condition of the studentships that recipients should submit an abstract and present a poster at the meeting. Recipients will also be required to send a brief report to Deafness Research UK after the meeting.

Although the application deadline for studentships has officially passed, it is still possible for UK students to make an application. However, this facility will cease by the end of this week.

Best wishes,

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