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Software/DSP Engineer at Cochlear Americas

Dear List,

I am writing because we have an opening for a DSP/Software engineer
in the Research group at Cochlear Americas available starting this June.
I thought people on this list might be interested in this position or know people
who would be interested.

The person we hire will mainly be working with me and other scientists
and audiologists and programmers in the Research group. The
primary responsibilities will be to write Windows programs to run
novel experiments and to implement signal processing strategies on
embedded DSP platforms. The position is here in Denver.
Details are in the attachment. If people are
interested in applying or have any questions they can contact me
(CLong@xxxxxxxxxxxx) or

Niki Wollan
Staffing Specialist
Cochlear Americas
400 Inverness Parkway, Ste. 400
Englewood, CO 80112
303.524.7171 direct

The advertisement follows in plain text:

Cochlear Americas

TITLE: Software/DSP Engineer DEPARTMENT: Research

SUMMARY A Software/DSP Engineer is needed to design, document, and implement applications in support of Cochlear’s research into new sound encoding strategies for cochlear implants. Software development may include: - Real-time control of stimulation hardware (PC based DAC boards or embedded platforms),
- Windows GUI programs to run a variety of experiments,
- Applications in Matlab, and
- Firmware for embedded (DSP) based systems.


1. Design and develop experimental signal processing and encoding software systems for portable, embedded, and PC-based DSP platforms. Such systems will be used for both experimental psychophysics and experimental audio signal processing to deliver electrical stimulation to human cochlear implant subjects, in both acute laboratory and chronic take-home settings. 2. Participate in specification of signal processing and encoding systems for cochlear implants 3. Design and develop software applications for presentation, capture, and analysis of stimulus signals, and biological response signals (e.g. evoked potentials) 4. Design, conduct and document verification and validation procedures for experimental software systems. 5. Develop and document intellectual property; assist in drafting of patent applications 6. Assist in preparing appropriate regulatory documents and submissions and ensuring regulatory compliance in relation to experimental work
7. Maintain familiarity with appropriate technical literature
8. Assist in technology handoff to design and development teams
9. Provide technical consulting and support to Cochlear Americas’ functional departments and CAM external research collaborators
10. Other duties as required


B.S. in Computer Science or Engineering with training in linear systems and discrete time systems. Experience developing Windows based applications in C++ with MFC (or .NET). Experience developing real-time implementation of digital signal processing systems. Experience working in assembly language on DSP or micro-controllers. Familiarity with Matlab.

Any of the following is advantageous: experience with hearing impairment and/or cochlear implants; medical devices; experimental psychophysics; familiarity with I/O interface hardware designs; experience programming in python; experience in the design and fabrication of embedded or portable real-time hardware.




Director of Auditory Perception Research


Warm Regards,


Christopher Long, Ph.D.
Director of Auditory Perception Research
Cochlear Americas
400 Inverness Parkway, Suite 400
Englewood, CO 80112
303-524-6764 FAX
800-523-5798 V/TTY
303-524-6784 Direct