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recommended psychoacoustics texts

Hi List,
Thanks to everyone who responded to my request for recommendations for a basic psychoacoustics text.  Here's a compilation of the responses I received:
'Auditory Demonstrations' CD, issued by the Acoustical Society of America (ASA). This is not a text book but a CD. 
Bregman, A.S. (1994). Auditory Scene Analysis. MIT Press.
Hartmann, W.M. (1998). Signals, Sound, and Sensation. Springer.
Moore, B.C.J. (2007) .Cochlear Hearing Loss. Wiley-Interscience. 
Moore, B. C. J. (1987). Hearing. Oxford companion to the mind. R. L. Gregory. Oxford, Oxford University Press.
Moore, B.C. J. (2003). Introduction to the Psychology of Hearing, 5th ed. Used to be Academic Press, now I believe it's Emerald.
Plack, C.J. (2005). The Sense of Hearing. Erlbaum.
Yost, W.A. (2006). Fundamentals of Hearing, 5th ed. Academic Press.
Zwicker, E., & Fastl, H. (1999). Psychoacoustics: Facts and Models. Springer.
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