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Software for measuring ITD/ILD wanted

Dear List,

We are about to measure Binaural Masking Level Difference,
localization ability, etc in our bilateral implanted patients in a
project to assess the benefit of two cochlear implants.
We are also interested in measuring the Interaural Time/Level
Differences in order to correlate this to the previous mentioned

To avoid reinventing the wheel (I know I would learn a lot from
that but...) I am asking you friendly people out there if anyone
has software for such a measurement for free or at low cost.
Preferably using a transformed Up-Down method (adaptive
forced choice) and stimuli would be noise and/or click trains
and/or pure LF tones.

Thank all of you for contributing to an interesting list!
(Digest readers: I tried to turn of HTML/MIME, hope it worked:)

Best regards,
Martin Eklöf
MSc EE Appl Phy
Karolinska University Hospital, Huddinge
Cochlear Implant Clinic, M43
Tel: +46(0)8 - 585 89 329
Fax: +46(0)8 - 585 87 960
SMS: +46(0)73 - 620 45 92 (coordinator)