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Evanescent cochlear waves.

Dear List member,

In two-dimensional cochlear box models excited by a single tone having a frequency below the cutoff, there is a 
travelling wave, in which the liquid-particles move on closed approximately elliptical trajectories in x-z-planes. Now 
I have attempted to derive the liquid-particle trajectories in the standing evanescent wave which is predicted if the 
single-tone frequency is above the cutoff.

A few days ago I sent a rough draft "Remarks on Evanescent Waves in a Passive Two-Dimensional Cochlear Model" to a  
few colleagues. Now I have written an improved file Evanesc08b.pdf (four pages).

Please write off-list if you would like to receive this pdf-file.

With best wishes,

Reinhart Frosch.

Reinhart Frosch,
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