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Re: Innate responses/ auditory-motor interactions

Greetings, list

With respect to the following point raised by Dr. Flax:
> If you are interested in physical responses due to the auditory environment, it would be a nice idea to read about how the higher auditory centres wire themselves to the movement centres ... an obvious example would be why we a programmed to dance or move to music !
> Whilst dance styles are most surely nurture, the impetus to move is most likely nature ... however there are a lot of examples and ideas you can brainstorm yourself apart from dancing ... some innate and some not.

and at the risk of being accused, accurately, of self-promotion, I
would steer interested readers to a recent review we wrote on just
this topic:

Zatorre, R.J., Chen, J.L., and Penhune, V.B. (2007) When the brain
plays music. Auditory-motor interactions in music perception and
production. Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 8, 547-558.

Eben if you don't agree with the ideas we present, at the very least
it should serve as a useful list of references on the many good
studies on this topic of auditory-motor interactions.

Whether this has anything whatsoever to do with the thorny (not to
mention hoary) question of innate responses, I would not venture to
say, however.

Best wishes