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New mailing list on the links between music and speech

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Dear all,

Music and speech share numerous aspects (language, structural, acoustics, cognitive), as long in their production, that in their representation and their perception. This list has for object to warn its users, various events dealing with the study of the links between music and speech. It thus intends to connect several communities, their allowing each to take advantage of a stimulating interaction.

As a member of the speech or music community, you are invited to
subscribe to musicspeech group. The group will be moderated and
maintained by IRCAM.

Group details:
* Name: musicspeech
* Home page: http://listes.ircam.fr/wws/info/musicspeech
* Email address: musicspeech@xxxxxxxx

Greg Beller, IRCAM,
moderator, musicspeech list

Greg Beller