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IAC Booths

Dear List,

Some time ago I offered two of our Industrial Acoustics Company Booths to UK list members (as well as all sorts of local community groups!) and still time is nearing for their disposal without success. Descriptions below. They are free to first to say they will take them: but please only contact me with firm decision to take them, as time is short (we need space for new research staff). For example, you might be able to confirm that you have storage facilities for the booths right away, subject to later installation. I would expect to have them removed within 2 to 3 weeks.


Manufacturer and installer: Industrial Acoustics Company (IAC)

Current A series models, approx. 5 years old.

Approx. new cost: 80K.

Single-walled booth (depth, width, height in cm): D:335, W: 285, H:227.

Double-walled booth: D: 335, W:370, H: 245. with air-conditioning units.


Denis McKeown, University of Leeds, 0113 343 5701