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Re: Audio Time and/or Level Alignment Algorithm

Hi -

You might like to consider using mutual information as an alternative to cross-correlation. The advantage is that cross-correlation is always about the linear dependencies between the signals, whereas the mutual information can also highlight nonlinear dependencies (for example, in your case, the codec may have added compression).


Junyong You wrote:
Hi John and all,

In fact, I am also looking for the time alignment of two samples, one is the original, and another is decoded. My problem is to estimate the time delay caused by audio coding.

I try a classifical estimation method, which makes use of envelope based cross-correlation function. That means, the envelopes of two samples are computed firstly, and then calculate the cross correlation function of these two envelopes, and then select the time length corresponding to the maximal correlation as the delay.

I hope this method will help you, and if anyone has better approaches, please let me know, thank you very much.

BR,  Junyong You

TUT, Finland
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  Subject: [AUDITORY] Audio Time and/or Level Alignment Algorithm

  Hello List,

  I am looking for advice and help with a problem.

  I have 2 audio signals each recorded in different environments but both are the same length. I need to align them the best I can or align at leats one of them to match the other. They need to be aligned time wise and level wise if possible. Any advice appreciated, thanks.

John Spencer


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