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Visiting Scholars/Artistis at CIRMMT

Dear Colleagues,

The Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology (CIRMMT) has two running positions for visiting researchers (scholars, scientists, artists) in McGill's New Music Building. Requests for visiting researcher status can be submitted by full, associate and affiliate members on behalf of their guest throughout the year. Visiting researchers have full access to a computer and workstation in a shared office for the duration of their stay. They may also request the short or long-term use of any of our central laboratories for research throughout their visit (see http://www.cirmmt.mcgill.ca ).

Past and current visiting researchers include Edward Large, Florida Atlantic University (USA); Shuichi Sakamoto, Tohoku University (Japan); Damien Murphy, University of York (UK); Gustavo Martins, INSESC Porto (Portugal); Sylvain Marchand, University of Bordeaux (France); Hideki Sakanashi, Yamaha Corporation (Japan).

-Visiting scholars are expected to contribute to CIRMMT activities and collaborate on interdisciplinary projects with Centre members. -Request letters must outline the nature of the collaborative research project, start and end dates of the visit, and be accompanied by the visiting scholar's or artist's CV.

Requests for visiting reseacher status will be reviewed by the Centre’s Executive Committee on a monthly basis.

Although we can provide office and research space, CIRMMT is unable to provide travel funding, salary or lodging for visiting researchers.

For more information on our visiting researcher program (this is certainly a wonderful way to spend a sabbatical year, for example), please contact:

Stephen McAdams, PhD
Professor and Canada Research Chair in Music Perception and Cognition
Director, Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media & Technology (CIRMMT)
Schulich School of Music of McGill University
555 Sherbrooke St. W.
Montréal, Québec, Canada  H3A 1E3
Email: smc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx