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Summary of responses to touch-screen monitor inquiry

Hi, below are the collected responses to the query I put to the group about touch screen monitors.  I ended up ordering the 3M M170 Touchscreen.  Since the VA takes forever to process orders, I can let you know how they work sometime next year hopefully...


We use 3M Touchscreens with USB connection and with capacitive tech. We used to use resistive ones, which are supposed to be more sensitive, but they would lose calibration quickly. These ones are good and the company has been helpful with warranty. 


We bought a version of the NEC AccuSync LCD72VX-17" Touch Screen Monitor.  We haven't really used it much when running subjects (as a touch screen), but it seems to work fine overall.
I used an ELO touch screen for my experiments. 
You can have a look here


Basically when you have to buy a touchscreen you must choose between a capacitive and a resistive model.
One of them (The capacitive one if I remebember well-if not it's the other way round) responds only to the touch of the finger, while the resistive one responds also to the touch of a tool (like a stick or a pen). For this reason the latter is more resistant (but also more expensive).

Another important thing is the dimension: do you plan to move it very often or leave it in the same room for long time? Do you plan to use visual stimuli so that you must control the visual angle of presentation?
Screens are quite cheap up to 17", but if you need 19" they suddenly become more expensive

So, it depends on what you need...for example I had to test very young kids in several schools, so I bought a very resistant,portable 15" one